Career Planning for High Schoolers

Confused about how NCEA works? Perhaps you are feeling confused about how to get into university or how subject choices at high school affect your future career options?

You are not alone!

Many year 9-13 students and their parents experience the lack of guidance through the educational system in New Zealand. As a parent, you may have received a school report which indicated that your child is not succeeding academically as expected and your child feels overwhelmed and overloaded with the choices and options available to make the right choices for their future.

Genesis Education is here to help relieve the pressure. If your NCEA results came in and are not what you expected or if your results have dramatically changed between intermediate and high school, we can help. Our one-on-one consultations assess learning styles and personality to help find the best career path. Even if your teen changes their mind last minute about what they want to do without having the right credits we can help.  Career planning for High School students is our forte and our passion!

We can relate – we have been there

Angelique is the owner and operator of Genesis Education Consultancy and has been in this very same situation with her own two sons. No one was able to help or to provide the much-needed information she was looking for. Her professional background as a school and university teacher allowed her to eventually find the answers herself.

In her previous positions, Angelique developed programs to help students understand their subject choices at school. She utilizes her experience and knowledge now for one-on-one consultations and career planning for High School students.

Why book a career planning consultation?

  • You are not sure where to go next
  • Your NCEA results were different from what you expected
  • You did not get enough time with a career advisor at school
  • You don’t know what your time management and study styles are like
  • You could benefit from a one-to-one comprehensive consultation from an expert in the field of education
  • You need a scholarship or help to apply for one
  • Your child is thinking of leaving school early

What does a career planning consultation include?

Angelique from Genesis Education will help with career planning. She will talk about your teen’s goals and discuss where they are now and where they want to go. With her sensitive approach and extensive knowledge, she will identify where those plans, their skills and passions align with the current movement in the workforce.

Each one-on-one consultation process includes a 2-3 hour initial assessment, where work and study style as well as time management skills are looked at. It is important to understand personality types in order to make the right recommendations for a future career path. Angelique’s approach identifies learning preferences and styles in order to come up with career path options to suit your teen’s subject choices. Each consultation is followed up with two contacts, via e-mail or a Skype. Total price begins at $300 per consultation. Group and online Skype/Zoom consultations are also available at a reduced costing, please enquire.

Book a one-on-one consultation with Angelique today.