Career Counselling for Graduates

Are you a university graduate, trying to plan on what to do once you finished your degree? Not sure what suits best with the degree you are about to get and what kind of job it can lead you to?

The day of finishing your degree has finally come but you’re struggling to figure out how to best utilize this newly acquired qualification, whether you should continue with your studies or start looking for a job… The options are endless – simply overwhelming, and you come to the conclusion that you want to change direction completely!

Genesis Education is your career counselling expert and will help you to work out your next steps. Angelique will guide you through your possible options and connect you with the right people to succeed in your career path of choice.

Angelique understands the ins and outs of the university and PTE systems and has been helping students to navigate the educational system in her previous jobs at Auckland and Massey Universities. She can relate to how confusing it feels as a parent or student who doesn’t have the background insights into the educational sector.

Change your study path – transition between certificates, diplomas and PTEs

Genesis Education’s career counselling is not only aimed at university graduates, we can also help if you are preparing for a certificate, diploma or PTE, or wish to transition from one to the other.

If you are frustrated with your current situation and can’t find the right information or person to talk to, or where to go next, contact Angelique for a one-on-one career counselling session. She is currently working at a university as one of the interfaces between graduates and the system of university, where she helps in navigating the landscape of the provider. At Genesis Education, we make sure that you know your options, know how it all works and who you need to address for your career path choice, whether you want to continue studying or start working.


What to expect from a one on one career counselling consultation?

  • $100 per hour
  • 1.5-2 hour one-on-one consultation
  • Mobile around the wider Auckland area
  • Psychometric analysis as well time management, work and learning styles
  • Identifying learning preferences and strengths
  • Creating a plan: knowing where you are and where you want to go
  • Discuss your career and life goals
  • Identify how those goals align with the current workforce situation
  • Align your skills and passions with your options
  • Look at career path options, internships and study possibilities
  • 2 follow ups, via Skype or e-mail
  • Online Skype/Zoom consultations available at a reduced costing

Take the next step for your career and get in touch here.