Career change

  • Are you frustrated with your current job?
  • Do you need to upskill to keep on top of the fast-moving environment of your industry?
  • Are you returning to work after maternity leave and think you might need further qualifications?
  • Has your situation changed and you are forced to change career?

Genesis Education will help you with your career change. Angelique will identify your career values and skills and look at career options that you might not even have considered before. Her one-on-one consultations aim at clarifying where you are now and where you want to go. Options she will be looking at will align with your current life situation and include studying to start in a new field or upskilling to progress in your current field.

We can help

You are in the best hands for your new career change with Genesis Education. We offer services that will help you succeed in this new phase of your life. Genesis Education will get you ready for your new job. We provide training in:

  • How to write a good cover letter
  • How to update your CV
  • How to get the interview
  • How to dress
  • How to behave during interview
  • Job interview training

Your Consultation

During your 1-2 hour consultation with Angelique you will learn about your options, discuss the ones with the least intrusion to your current life situation, give you maximum flexibility and the costs involved. A career change is a big decision! Angelique has been through it herself, as a mother of two she returned to university and completed her qualification. Finding education as her passion at a later stage in life meant, she was able to actually grow an area of herself, that she would not have been aware of if she hadn’t had a career change.

Career change consultations are $100 per hour, initial consultations will take at least 1.5-2 hours depending on requirements. Group and online Skype/Zoom consultations are also available at a reduced costing,

Take your first step towards a career change now and get in touch with Angelique.

Your world awaits you!