Angelique is the owner and operator of Genesis Education Consultancy. She has a Bachelor of Education and started her business at the end of 2017. Angelique has worked in education for over a decade in both Australia and New Zealand. Her aspiration to act as an education consultant and career advisor was led by experiencing throughout her teaching career, and as parent herself, the gap of knowledge and lack of personalised guidance in the educational system.  Angelique has experience in working with those in education from early childhood, to primary, high school, university and professionals.  She has worked with those who are struggling in the education system to professionals looking to develop their capabilities.

Her own experience and extensive knowledge inspired her to start an education consultancy.

Being a career advisor and education consultant allows her to be the bridge between the known and the unknown for those feeling overwhelmed. Angelique showcases the options that are available to everyone. Her motivation is to empower parents and high school students, graduates and anyone who wants to change careers with the tools to make the right choices that will save time and money and ultimately make everyone happier in their careers.

Better Engagement From Students

With a background in education, Angelique has worked across many diverse communities in New Zealand and Australia for over a decade. She has experience in early childhood to primary schooling, secondary, all the way to university. During her teaching career, she developed a program aimed at getting better engagement from students and to pass tests such as NCEA Level 1 and up. Her abilities to build a good rapport with all sorts of people, especially younger ones have been the success in her work as a teacher and career advisor.


Right tools and connections

The overall goal is to empower high school students and their parents, university graduates and career changers with knowledge and options for their future. Engaging in a consultation with Angelique from Genesis Education Consultancy will save time and money in the long run. Her holistic approach as a career advisor will provide the right tools and connections with the right people throughout New Zealand’s educational system to get your teen or yourself to where you want to be.

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