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  • NCEA results different from what you expected?

    Or perhaps you never got the opportunity to talk in depth with a career advisor at School?

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  • Recently Graduated?

    Recently graduated and wondering where to next?

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  • Frustrated at your current work situation?

    Or changing jobs and needing help with your CV and preparing for the interview?

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If you are looking for career guidance for High school students or yourself, don’t look any further. We can help, book a 1-on-1 consultation now!

Our Mission

Our mission is to find you a satisfying life path that suits your personality and goals. Genesis Education Consultancy helps you to understand and navigate the education system in New Zealand to get you or your child’s career on the right path.

Experts in Education

We are experts in the field of education, using a more personal and in-depth approach than career advisors. We offer one-to-one comprehensive consultations for High School and University students, their parents and those looking to for a career change.

We are passionate about people and can relate to where you are at right now!


High School Students

Is your teenager feeling confused at High School about their career path or subject choices? Don’t worry, at Genesis Education Consultancy we are able to clarify and help you and your child understand where they want to go. Read more about what we offer here.


University Graduates

Coming to end of your time at university and unsure of what the next step is? Where to now that you have your degree? And how does your degree get you the job of your dreams? It can be confusing and overwhelming. Find out more here about how Genesis Education Consultancy can help you get to where you want to be.


Career Changers

Is it time to extend yourself or start a new career? Have your circumstances changed? Have your little ones grown up and you are ready to get back into the workforce, thinking about new qualifications that you might need? Genesis Education Consultancy will guide you through the jungle of options and work out what is going to suit your needs and life situation best. Discover more here.

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